Aarogya app,Face mask, must: Dos and don’ts of air travel from May 25

Last Updated: Thursday, May 21, 2020, 22:28
Aarogya app,Face mask, must: Dos and don’ts of air travel from May 25
Come Monday, domestic air travel in the country will resume. Flying in the time of coronavirus pandemic is going to be slightly different. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced a long list of dos and don`ts for airlines, airports and the passengers.

Let’s simplify the rules for you.

Must have:

Face Mask, Aarogya app, ID Proof, E-boarding pass, Web check-in & you will have to reach the airport 2 hours before the departure time of your flight.

Not allowed:

Physical check-in at the airport, hand baggage, meals in flight, trolleys and if you have red status on Aarogya Setu App you won’t be allowed to travel.

The Centre has also fixed a bracket for fares to protect the consumers and the airlines.

On the basis of flying duration slabs fares have been decided. Less than 40 minutes flight to cost between Rs 2000 to Rs 6000.

40-60 minutes flight to cost Rs 2,500 to Rs 7,500.

60-90 minutes flight to cost Rs 3,000 to Rs 9,000.

90-120 minutes flight to cost Rs 3,500-Rs 10,000.

120-150 minutes flight to cost Rs 4,500-Rs 13,000.

150 - 180 minutes flight to cost Rs 5,500-Rs 15,700.

180-210 minutes flight to cost Rs 6,500-Rs 18,600.

Here are the 10 latest rules that will be applicable for flying in the time of pandemic:

Rule 1

Passengers will have to reach the airport 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure. Also, the passengers who have a departure in the next 4 hours will only be allowed to enter the Terminal building.

Rule 2

All passengers will have to wear protective gears such as masks, gloves etc.

flight rules

Rule 3

`Aarogya Setu` App will be mandatory for all passengers and it will be verified by the CISF/Airport staff at the entry gate. However, this app is not compulsory for children below the age of 14 years.

Rule 4

Thermal screening of all passengers will be a must before entering the terminal building. Several thermal screening stations will be set up at the City side by the airport operator.

Rule 5

No use of trolleys at departure and arrival area without a compelling genuine reason.

Rule 6

Luggage of passengers will be sanitised before entering the Terminal building. There will be mats/carpets soaked with bleach for disinfecting shoes.

Rule 7

There will be more check-in counters that will be operational so that there is no crowding, hence airlines will have to deploy more staff.

flights rules2

Rule 8

Newspapers/ magazines will not be provided in the terminal buildings and lounges.

Rule 9

Hand sanitisers will be provided by airport operators for passengers and airport staff at various locations.

Rule 10

All F&B and retail outlets will be open at the airports but take away will be encouraged.
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