Lady files petition to nullify marriage after `forced conversion in Kerala High Court

Last Updated: Saturday, November 11, 2017, 04:31
Lady files petition to nullify marriage after `forced conversion in Kerala High Court
A 25-year-old woman has moved the Kerala High Court against a man who allegedly forced her to convert to Islam, forged documents to marry her and was planning to take her to Syria and sell her to Islamic State terrorists as a sex slave.

The woman has asked the Kerala High Court to nullify her marriage to one Muhammad Riyaz and requested that the National Investigation Agency look into the case. The Kerala High Court will hear the petition on November 13.

In her plea, the woman stated that she met Muhammed Riyaz in Bengaluru and the two got into a relationship.Riyaz later recorded a private video. She said that he blackmailed her with the video and asked her to convert and marry him.

She claimed that Riyaz is a member of Popular Front of India (PFI). She stated that she was taken to Saudi Arabia and attempts were also made to take her to Syria to the Islamic State territory. She said that she somehow managed to contact her parents and asked them to rescue her. The girl is a native of Kerala, but was born and was brought up in Gujarat.
The case will be taken up for consideration on November 13.

The petition comes at a time when there is already heat over the Hadiya case and several other cases of alleged forced conversions in Kerala. The NIA has also claimed that there have been at least 90 cases of forced conversions in Kerala.

24-year-old Hadiya has been under house arrest after her marriage to Sheffin Jahan was annulled last year by the High Court. Hadiya has been asked to be present before the court on November 27 for hearing in a petition filed by her husband. She had told the High Court that she had converted on her own will.
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