NGT Slams Brakes on Odd-Even Return, Says No Odd-Even until it is Proved Effective

Last Updated: Friday, November 10, 2017, 03:23
NGT Slams Brakes on Odd-Even Return, Says No Odd-Even until it is Proved Effective
The National Green Tribunal (NGT) rapped Arvind Kejriwal government for announcing the Odd-Even scheme in Delhi despite the Central Pollution Control Board’s report that it was ineffective. The NGT further asked the Delhi government to first prove that the Odd-Even scheme has reduced pollution or else it will stay the imposition of the scheme.

In April 2016, the CPCB had told NGT that there’s no data that suggests that the odd-even scheme has helped in reducing vehicular pollution in Delhi-NCR.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced that the Odd-Even scheme will be rolled out for five days starting November 13. The development came hours after the High Court suggested a car rationing scheme as was done last year.

On the implementation of the Odd-Even scheme, the NGT said that the “formula can’t be imposed like this,” adding, “Nothing has been done from your (Delhi government) end since the past one year.

The National Green Tribunal has barred the Delhi government from implementing the return of the odd-even scheme from November 13-17, saying it first has to prove that the measure would not be counter-productive.

“The Supreme Court has not asked you to implement odd-even plan. It has asked you to implement measures. You haven’t implemented 99 measures, but want just one. You had one year to prepare, but you did nothing,” the bench told the Delhi government.

“This is irresponsible attitude. Red lights that were ordered to be fixed haven`t been. That leads to traffic congestion. This case is more important than any other. If we expose our children to this kind of air, we are committing the biggest sin.”

NGT directs states to ensure that there should be no crop burning, says if any incident is reported to NGT, a considerable amount of fine will be charged from the salary of a responsible officer. NGT asks Delhi govt to impose 1 lakh fine on builders found violating directions, as construction work has been halted in view of smog & air pollution.
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